Providing Solutions

MP Tech Group is a manufacturing consultant firm specializing in supplying businesses
with the highest grade, most cost-competitive parts, serving: Aerospace, Medical, High-
Technology, Agriculture, Automotive, Alternative Energy, Military / Defense and Industrial sectors. Your sourcing doesn’t need to be a complicated decision making process. At the MP Tech Group, we have the resources to provide customers access to the best suppliers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for someone to take on a challenging task, improve quality, delivery and/or service, The MP Tech Group is your answer.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Cables Cast Urethane Molding
Castings CNC Milling
CNC Turning Continuous Compression Molding
Custom Automation Forgings
Fused Deposition Modeling HydroForming
Laser Tube / Sheet Cutting Polyjet
Precision Sheetmetal Fabrication Stampings
Stereolithography WaterJet Cutting
Injection Molding  


Industries Served

  • Aerospace
    Alternative Energy
    Military / Defense